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Our little Shih Tz are an ancient breed thought to be over 1,000 years old and highly prized for companionship. They are surprisingly a healthy breed with a fun loving temperament. This makes them exellent choice as companions for anyone, especially if you want more than ONE!!


Shih Tzu (pronunced Sheed zoo)belong in the toy group. They are known for their fun, loving and peaceful disposition. While it is believed that they came from China it is most likely they started in Tibet. It is interesting that Shih Tzu means lion in the region they came from and lion symbolized royalty, strength and bravery--fearless, act quickly, While that fits their personality it is hard for me to picture these little loving dogs as a fearless roaring lion.

If bred to standard, they should stand at about 11 inches at the withers with average weight 9 to 15 lbs. They are sturdy (meaning strong bone), lively, loving toy dogs with a long flowing double coat that comes in a variety of up to 19 different colors with the solid colors being more rare. Don't be surprised if their coat changes color as they mature.

Their size is perfect for lap companion or apartment dwelling as well as their loving temperament makes them excellent pets for the elderly who just want a lap dog. They are very social and much calmer than the terrior breeds who have a lot of yap to share. .

It is believed that they originated as a cross between a Lhaso Apso and a Pekinese, and at some point a little pug was thrown into the mix.. hence the beautiful black mask. Their life expectancy is 10 to 18 years for this sturdy little ball of love. They should be easy to train except when that little stuborn streak rears it head.

They prefer to be a lap dog, but can romp and play as they keep you laughing at their antics. It is very hard to resist that precious Shih Tzu face with those inquisitive eyes looking back at you. Because of their short faces they do not tolerate heat well so prefer to stay inside in air conditioning during the heat of the day. They are a good choice for those with allergies as they do not shed much if brushed daily..

If you prefer maintance free then take them to groomer every 6 to 8 weeks and have them shaved. Otherwise spend a few minutes each day brushing out that beautiful long flowing coat. For more info on this loving, playful little breed visit https://shihtzu.org/about_our_breed.

To help you in your search for the right breeder and companion you should read the breed standard to make sure your puppy falls within this range. Smaller is not better and "IMPERIAL" is just a fancy name dreamed p to confused folks into thking they are geting something special. Special as in con. Don't be fooled.as the smaller you breed a dog the more health issues you can have. They beocme more nervous and anxious also. The standard is written to give you guidelines on the best of any breed. See the link below to read the standard for the Shih Tzu:

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Spur Chap Rip
Spur is a total gentleman so love this boy. He is a true delight and always ready to please. Chap is our little wild man and now retired and sire of Tink, Gabby and Beanie Rip has joined our stud lineup to continue the structure and temperament these wonderful companions are noted for......Little Lions at heart
Stix is such a little Princess. Very loving She is the Dam of our Tink Retired Mocha is our beautiful liver girls who is dam to our Gabby. She excelled at it throwing Black puppies!!! Retired Pixie is truly another little imp. Mind of her own and always looking for things to get into. She is dam to our Beanie Retired
Tink Gabby Beanie
Tink is our little imp. She is always jumping up on things and is our little escape artist. Gabby is a Mocha- Chap puppy and she definitely takes after her sire. Sassy and full of herself Beanie is a Pixie- Chap puppy Names Beanie because she is a little jumping Bean!
Asteric is a Tink daughter and Stix granddaughter. Everyone is a little imp. Asteric carries on the IMP to the max. Waiting for Gabby to grow up Waiting for Beanie to grow up
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